Friday, December 5, 2008

Mouth Gargle to be ingested???

This is my monotonous lunch break ever. I dun bring my car today because i'm on my way 'pulang ke kampung berhari raya', then terpaksalah melepak-lepak di bilik rehat sambil surfing n blogging. Actually, there was a case Mrs. Lim n I discovered during dispensing time, today. Terpaksa tahan gelak time tu sampai muka dah jadi merah. There was 1 patient came over to collect his medication, a chinese old man. He complained of stomach discomfort after ingesting 1 of his medication. I was not sure wheather the dispenser told him wrongly or he got a problem wif his hearing. But the case was, he had taken a spoonful of Benzynamide (Difflam) mouth gargle, two times a day which he really thought was a cough mixture. As we checked his medication, we found that, he had finished the medication completely, OMG. Actually, this case may happen to anybody. Make sure, u know all the indication of ur medication u take and the dispensers should be more careful next time.