Sunday, April 26, 2009

COHSAS 2nd Seasson

Pict 1: YEAY!! Dapat gula-gula n belon

Pict 2: Da pioneers

Pict 3: Trying a handmade 'anyaman' by da villagers

Dis was a 2nd Seasson of Pos Pantos visit by 5 of us (Azri, Maya, Shahreen, Arina & I). Visit kali ni memang sangat best n relax. Coz dapat menikmati suasana kampung Pantos yang sangat tenang dengan penduduk yang best (i can't explain da word 'best' here in deep, especially when those people trying to crack our stomach with their 'jokes'). A two days trip will be mesmerized in our heart. Besides spending our time wif penduduk kampung, we also did join our juniors ' programs.