Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm reading ur eyes...

Here I go, for 1 week without facebook. Wat a great success to detach myself from dat particular ‘social network connection’. I managed to complete 4 books and magazines. Whoa…. Do appreciate my ample time instead of ‘facebook’ing. But only one thing dat I cudn’t do, detach myself from blogging or writing, huhu. 3 more days to go before my long vocation. 9 days of vacation. Yeeehhooo……

Recently, I juz read from a magazine regarding how to knoe people’s effective way of communication. Sound gud enuf. De author recommended us to use Eye Accessing technique. It is all about ur little cute corneas movement. There are three types of person base on this technique, a visionary, an auditory and a kinesthetic. Plus, we need to use different ways of communication to approach these three kinds of person. When talking to a person, the only thing u need to do is looking into their eyes.

Visionary persons usually move their eyes upwards when talking or thinking of something. While auditory persons will move their eyes to the side and kinesthetic persons will move downwards.

For visionary person, eye contact is da most important when talking. Thus, de auditory persons tend to be a good listener. For kinesthetic persons, body contact is important for an effective communication.

I’m practically practicing the technique, and da result is great….