Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It is getting worsened....

I’ve got it again. I’ve being collapsed during ward round. Trying to hide as much as I cud from those beloved family n friends. I was suspected to have GERD. My lactose intolerance condition is getting worsened during the attack. Because there is a possibility causing respiratory distress during the attack which means, it is so unexplained or unexpected.  As I heard from my ward partner’s doctor explained to me, there might be something goes wrong with the sphincter. Endoscopy is the best diagnostic tool for now. Two years, I’ve been kept this. But, suddenly I’ve got an attack in front of my mum n little bro. That must be one of my regret things to let them knoe da truth.

One of my friends had told me that,

“Selalunya musibah yang menimpa kita adalah satu ujian atau balasan. Itu atas pertimbagan kita untuk meletakkan sesuatu musibah itu samada ujian atau balasan”

And it might be both of it…..

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